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Dear Mr. Johnson,I am writing this letter mainly lớn apply for winter leaves of 2 weeks which I can avail as per the company terms and conditions. I have sầu not used any of my leaves in the last 6 months và would lượt thích lớn apply for the leaves starting from December 25th, 2014.The main reason behind this leave sầu is khổng lồ be with my family whom I have sầu been neglecting for the past 6 months due to work pressure. I remember informing you that I would be needing holidays in the dates that I applied for leaves.I would like lớn be with my family for atleast a couple of weeks as I want to spover some chất lượng time with them.I will make sure that all the responsibilities are handed over lớn the concerned person immediately.I will be resuming with work from 10th January, năm trước and I hope that there would be no emergency or need for extension else I will inform the same khổng lồ you in time. Please feel free to tương tác me for any office related information.

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Waiting khổng lồ hear from you soon with the confirmation of the leaves.

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Dear Mr. Johnson,I am writing this letter in order to make a request khổng lồ kindly grant my daughter ABC, a student of class IX "A", a leave of 5 days i.e. from 20th March, 14 khổng lồ 25th March, 14, since she needs to lớn travel out of town, on trương mục of her sister"s wedding.She is the bride"s made & being her sister"s wedding which is a once in a lifetime affair, she wouldn"t be able to miss it. I hope that you can underst& her situation.I assure you that she would catch up with her studies and assignments once she resumes school from 26th March, 14.Thanking you in anticipation.
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