Customer Service Center (CSC) has been known as a place khổng lồ receives, guides và solves all problems arising from residents in Phu My Hung new urban. CSC established in 2006 with mission khổng lồ handover of the house or the lvà to lớn customers, repairing và maintaining residents’ facilities during warranty period.

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After more than 11 years operation, CSC has been outreached & enhanced khổng lồ become a place with full of functional departments which manage, operate và ensure the best condition for the urban area as well as the comfortable living space of residents.


Reception team: The first team receive và transfer customers’ documents, requests & complaints to responsible departments.H& –over team: Doing the handover work và managing the houses that haven’t sold or handed over.Construction management team: Doing the lvà delivery work to lớn customers, managing self-build houses & interior decoration works in Phu My Hung.Complex management team:Checking the complex operation and cooperating with the involved functional depts for maintaining, repairing all equipment, community facilities và any requests or complaints from customers.

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Cashier team:Collecting water, gas & management feesMaintenance team:Maintaining và repairing all equipment related to electrithành phố, water và community facilities.


CSC has organized a complex management team for each complex to lớn takes care, renews & improves the chất lượng of urban as well as to lớn ensure all equipment & community facilities always on the best operation.

Besides that, you can contact via 2 hotlines available 24/24 at:


Caring to customers’ living in Phu My Hung new urban.

CSC will instruct customers how to apply for water, electricity, gas, cable TV và ADSL and connect with involved functional departments for supplying water – electricity for self-build houses. Besides that CSC also guide customers how khổng lồ connect with local police station for making basic legal procedures such as household registration, birth certificate…

Building up a civilization thành phố and a culture community

CSC‘s responsible for leading over 30.000 residents building up a civilization thành phố & a culture community. To Phu My Hung new urban, customers will never see winding roads or poor sanitation. As soon as a house purchasing contract is made, customer should be signed a compliance contract about “Regulations for residents” and “ construction regulations” which definite what should and should not be done in Phu My Hung new urban. For example, residents are not allowed to lớn expvà the used area or change the exterior decoration that influence on the comtháng beauty of the urban area. The kiến thiết drawings of self- build houses should be approved by Phu My Hung thiết kế studio such as front và baông chồng yard, the height, the colors of titles và external walls…The provisions in “Regulations for residents “ contribute khổng lồ create an organized & self- conscious community because of a civilization city và a culture modern community.

Improving the spiritual social life with the useful cultural activities

Coming khổng lồ Phu My Hung New Urban on the holidays as Christmas, Lumãng cầu New Year…., you will be attracted by many entertainment activities such as: cooking, music, painting competition … Our residents always are interested in attending khổng lồ all activities in which not only help to lớn improve sầu the spiritual social life but also develop the neighbourhood in the PMH community.

With our biểu ngữ “Let’s love sầu our sweet home!, so CSC ‘s score value is “Customer is King, your satisfaction is our target”.