Top Wireless Hacking Tools

For reasons best known to psychologists, it seems that WiFi Hacking is the most popular ‘hacking related content’ on YouTube.

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Some WiFi Hacking Videos on YouTube have sầu literally millions of views. Perhaps Hacking WiFi is so popular because, firstly, it means that if you master the attacks you’ll be able khổng lồ secure endless free WiFi, but, secondly, because it is something which appeals and a ‘rite of passage’ for any budding wanna-be Hacker or serious Cybersecurity Professional.

Needless to lớn say, khổng lồ Hack WiFi is an achievement (if it has been configured absolutely correctly using, for example, WPA2 Enterprise) & the skills required khổng lồ defover against such attacks are highly in demvà, so to lớn satisfy your curiosity we’ve gone ahead & listed a bunch of WiFi Hacking Software Tools that the Interwebs seems to have fallen in love with!

One thing is for sure though when it comes to lớn WiFi Hacking, if you want lớn become a Cybersecurity Professional, not least a SysAdmin or similar then you will absolutely have sầu khổng lồ know and understand Wireless technologies.

To understand it means khổng lồ also hachồng it và penetrate the network. Once you understvà how you’ve sầu been able khổng lồ haông xã into the network then, of course, you can patch it.

Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker



By far the most popular & best-known tool (actually it is a “suite” of tools) when it comes lớn hacking WiFi. In fact, this is an old-school tool that has been around for ages.

This Wireless Hacking Tool is actually a suite và has various different entities within the package. This tool actually ships with Kali Linux và for most Penetration Testers is considered as “the go-to” tool when it comes to lớn testing clients’ WiFi networks.

Aircrachồng is a “must-learn” if you are serious about a career as a network engineer or Penetration Tester.




Probably one of the more exciting & recent WiFi Hacking Tools that we’ve listed within this resource. This software comes highly recommended.

Airgeddon is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems khổng lồ audit wireless networks. This tool, lượt thích other WiFi hacking software in this resource, can switch your interface mode from “Monitor” to lớn “Managed”.

But, this tool does a whole lot more. For example, a security engineer (Penetration Tester) you can exexinh tươi a DoS attaông chồng over a wireless network using different methods (mdk3, mdk4 and by using another popular Wireless tool called aireplay-ng). The tool is also able khổng lồ work as a MITM “Evil Twin” Wireless attack.

This tool offers full support for 2.4Ghz và 5Ghz bands and can easily capture WPA/WPA2 personal network handshakes as well as cleaning and optimizing the handshake captured files.

What makes this tool different is that it can decrypt offline passwords that have sầu been captured và then they can be brute-forced.

This is an excellent tool and one we’d certainly recommkết thúc you get khổng lồ learn.



Wifiphisher is a WiFi hacking tool that can exexinh tươi speedy automated phishing attacks against Wireless/WiFi networks with the intention of discovering user and password credentials The difference with this wireless tool (compared with the others) is that it launches a Social Engineering attaông chồng which is a completely different attachồng vector to lớn take when attempting to lớn breach WiFi networks.

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Is Wifiphisher free?

Yes. This WiFi ‘cracking tool’, as it is often referred khổng lồ – is completely không tính phí & available from GitHub.

Does Wifiphisher work on all Operating Systems, & what are the requirements?

Kali Linux is the officially supported Linux distro, but according to the developers GitHub page some users have been able to lớn get the framework to work on other platforms. To be safe though we’d always recommover trying it either on Kali và almost certainly Linux since that is where you’ll get the most tư vấn.You’ll also need a wireless network adapter that supports ‘Access Point’ (AP) mode, & your driver should also tư vấn Netlink.Wireless network adapters are required that can be placed in ‘Monitor Mode’ & that are able to perkhung injection attacks.

What are the Typical Uses for Wifiphisher?

Wifiphisher can be used khổng lồ a crachồng WiFi password. This tool takes the following steps: Wifiphisher deauthenticates the user from their legitimate AP. The framework then allows the user lớn authenticate to the Evil Twin APhường that must be phối up for the attachồng lớn be successful. Wifiphisher will then offer an HTML webpage lớn the user on a proxy that will notify them that an tăng cấp on the firmware has taken place và will ask them lớn authenticate again. The wifi password is passed khổng lồ the hacker while the user will continue browsing the web not knowing what happened.

How To Install Wifiphisher

This WiFi hacking tool should ship with Kali Linux, but if it doesn’t then you will need khổng lồ take the following steps to lớn install the software:

Step 1: apt -get update (good hygiene lớn update your system pre-installation)Step 2: cd Desktop (done lớn change to a directory where you can find the software afterward installation)Step 3: git clone (clones the ‘repo’ from GitHub)Step 4: cd wifiphisher (change khổng lồ the newly installed directory)Step 5: ls (danh mục the items in the directoryStep 6: suvày phybé nhỏ cài đặ install (install the pydong dỏng script, password might be required for non-Kali folks)Step 7: wifiphisher (this will exexinh tươi the software.)


Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker

Fern Wifi Cracker is a Wireless attaông xã software and security auditing tool that is written using the Pykhông lớn Qt GUI library & Pykhiêm tốn Programming Language. This tool can recover and crack WPA/WEP/WPS keys và can run other network-based attacked on ethernet or wireless-based networks.

Is Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker Free?

Yes Fern Wifi Cracker is không tính tiền of charge.

Does Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker Work on all Operating Systems?

This works on Kali Linux operating systems.

What are the Typical Uses for Fern WiFi Wireless Cracker?

This tool helps in assisting with Network security by enabling the user to lớn view và discover network traffic in real-time & therefore can identify the hosts và network data discovery. With the network hệ thống data features, it will help toughen your hệ thống và discover vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Popular WiFi Hacking FAQ

How Can I Hack WiFi Using My Android?

It is possible & of course, it totally depends on what WiFi technology you are trying khổng lồ exploit. A simple way is lớn tải về & install the “WPA WPS Connect App” from the Google Play Store. xuất hiện the app and hit the “scan” button khổng lồ start WiFi scanning. When you find a network you may find a bunch of networks that are vulnerable to the WPS vulnerability (the ứng dụng uses a bunch of PIN codes according khổng lồ the type of WiFi router).

What Android App Is Best For Hacking WiFi Network?

As mentioned in my Concise Courses Mobile Hacking FAQ, the most popular or best known for Penetration Testers is the “WPA WPS Tester Android App” which was developed with the purpose of being able to scan WiFi networks for vulnerabilities.

Is It Against The Law To Hachồng A WiFi Signal Or Network?

The instant và easy answer lớn this question are: yes it is illegal!

The law will always view this as illegal. Always seek permission from the SysAdmin or owner of the network of course.

Penetration Testers hachồng inlớn a WiFi network through a bunch of different ways, with the most popular being brute-force attacks.