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Bạn đang xem: Piang chai kon nee mai chai poo wised (2016) thailand

Đang xem: Piang chai kon nee mai chai poo wised (2016) thailand



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Xem thêm: Rời Vòng Tay Em Anh Vẫn Có Nơi Để Quay Trở Về Còn Rời Xa Anh Em Biết Đi Đâu Cho Vơi Nỗi Đau


If you are familiar to K-C-TW dramas and if you are new to lakorns you”ll notice that lakorns are totally different from K-C-TW dramas.. But you”ll find them as addictive as them. They don”t have a high budget like them but they are not that bad. Anusaniya ( Kimberley) is the rich girl, Sattawat is a doctor, his mother has got gambling problems, Anusaniya”s uncle is in love with her, Sattawat”s mother & Anusaniya”s aunt in a way arranged them to marry, the dad agrees so they got married without love. As in any drama we do have distrubing characters. Somika was previously with Anusaniya”s uncle but he breaks up from her for Anusaniya, this time she goes to Sattawat, she announces her love to him, but the doc has no feelings, Doc has a crush on Anusaniya since he saved her from drawning. It”s for sure that Kimberley is a great actress but this type of characters sort of stick on her, she”s always the rich, snob girl, though Doctor is not poor but not a chaebol. They do have on screen chemistry with James. Just like on her previous drama we”ll watch her development as she develops she”ll realise that she loves Satawat. Sonika is sometimes going overboard so her character was written excessive, she”s a type of stalker Keep pestering Sattawat. Annusya”s bro pregnantes a girl, and she also hate her and she wants her baby to be the only heir of the family, that”s what we know until later episodes. It”s sort of like Brazilian Soap Operas. Mirantee is a reporter but also Anusaniya”s school friend, she had doubts that Anusaniya would ever recognise her, but yet she has not only recognised her and her name, she also recognised that she helped her when her heel was broken, after that incident Mirante started to help Anusiya. Their bond got better. Mirante is also in love with the uncle. The actor who plays the uncle Pop Thagoon Karnthip is also quite handsome :)) When he had a accident Mirante was the one who was crying by his bedside. Sonika is the one who”s responsible from all bad things happening to Annusiya”s family and people around her, it is just jealousy turning into a mad hatter. Anusaniya”s brother”s girlf also uses Sonika”s addiction obsession on Satawat to hit Anusaniya, but Sonika is the idiot letting people to use her. There”s everything you are looking for, love, romance, action ( not that sort of action but still) kidnapping, cat fight.. At the end we see that uncle understands who he really loves :)Our couple still pulling each other”s hair, it”s their way of showing love, aggressive couple. Doc is romantic soft hearted but our girl is bitchy. Not only the uncle and doc is handsome here, the guy who plays the owner of the furniture company is also hot Well doc have been doing wrong all the time, while he could silence his wife with a lovely kiss 😀

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