Do Kyung

General Information About EXO D.O

Are you one of EXO’s fans, especially D.O, also known as Do Kyung-soo? Kyung-soo was one of EXO’s member who also raised his career through acting. He has starred in many TV series. Kyung-soo’s personality is fun & he is such a neat person, making hyên look like a real ‘family guy’. This article might be entertaining lớn you as well! has introduced to you a little story about Do Kyung-soo and the relationship between his family!

Do Kyung-soo’s Family


Kyungsoo was born on January 12, 1993, in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He was born with the birth name Do Kyung-soo, though he is now more known by the names D.O Kyungsoo or Kyungsoo. He also has other nicknames such as Pororo, The Pop Out Eyes, Orchestra Boy, Umma, và Heenjabuja. Kyungsoo has an older brother named Do Seung-soo. Kyungsoo’s father was a professional painter, & his mother was a hairdresser.

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Do Kyung-soo’s Family Background


Kyungsoo’s family thành viên that has been always discussed by his fans is his brother Do Seung-soo, who is three years older than hyên ổn. There’s not much information about his brother. But, when his brother was in the military, Kyung-soo wrote a letter for hlặng. In that letter, he mentioned his upcoming contract with SM Entertainment và also said that their family is always supporting Do Seung-soo.

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From that letter, we might know how much Kyung-soo loves his brother, và we could say that he was raised with a warm và harmonious family. Fans are also sure that Kyung-soo’s brother attended EXO’s concert in 2014.


As we said before, Kyung-soo’s father was a professional painter, and his mother was a hairdresser. Their works are related to lớn arts so it is no wonder Kyung-soo also turned on his passion inlớn arts with singing, acting, và nhảy. Kyung-soo also said that his artistic side came from his father who owns an art business. And, his parents were really supportive sầu of his singing career. Kyung-soo also has a face that is really similar to lớn his mother.

Pictures with His Family và Friends

Let’s take a look with Kyung-soo’s photo collection with his family và friends before he debuted!