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Highly Recommended awardOn paper, the Canon EF-S 17-85milimet promises to be the perfect general-purpose lens for owners of Canon DSLRs with compatible mounts. The longer 5x optical range is far more useful than the 3x range of the popularly bundled EF-S 18-55milimet kit lens, especially at the telephoto kết thúc, and the Image Stabilisation features are genuinely useful. As such the 17-85milimet seems ideal for anyone who wants khổng lồ nâng cấp from a bundled 18-55milimet, or who needs a versatile option for a new EF-S toàn thân alone.Buy it now!Cheông xã prices at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay or Wex. Alternatively get yourself a copy of my In Camera book or treat me to lớn a coffee! Thanks!
Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4~5.6 IS USM lens review11th November 2011


The Canon EF-S 17-85mm f4~5.6 IS USM was announced in August 2004 as general purpose zoom for Canon digital SLRs with EF-S lens mounts; compatible bodies include the EOS 300D / Rebel, EOS 350D / Rebel XT, EOS 400D / Rebel XTi, EOS 20D và EOS 30D. EF-S lenses are not compatible with the EOS 10D, nor any Canon bodies with larger sensors including the EOS 5D, 1D Mark III or 1Ds Mark II.

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The Canon EF-S 17-85milimet delivers a 5x optical zoom ratio with an equivalent focal range of 27-136milimet on a 35milimet or full-frame body toàn thân. This offers both wide angle and reasonable telephoto coverage, và a more useful overall range than the budget EF-S 18-55milimet kit lens commonly bundled with compatible bodies. The optical construction consists of 17 elements in 12 groups. The EF-S 17-85mm also features Image Stabilisation facilities which claim up to three stops of compensation against camera-shake.

In this reviews we’ll take an in-depth look at the EF-S 17-85milimet lens. We tested it with the EOS-350D / Rebel XT toàn thân & compared its performance against the budget EF-S 18-55milimet and higher-over 17-40milimet f4L lenses. The EF-S 17-85milimet lens tested had a serial number of 92001769.

UPDATE: We have now tested the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens & compared it against the three lenses here using our latest charts. Visit our Canon EF-S 17-55mm Review for the latest results. To see how these lenses also compare on an EOS 400D / XTi, see our lakiểm tra Canon lens group thử nghiệm.

NEW: For an overview of the headline features of the EF-S 17-85mm lens, kiểm tra out our Canon EF-S 17-85mm đoạn Clip tour.

The Canon EF-S 17-85milimet is pictured below along-side the Canon 17-40mm L và the Canon EF-S 18-55mm lenses in their shorthử nghiệm positions. Here the three lenses from left khổng lồ right measure 78x92milimet, 83.5×96.8milimet and 68.5x66mm (diameter x length) respectively. Clearly while the 17-40milimet is the biggest of the three, the 17-85milimet is not far behind it and both lenses dwarf the budget 18-55milimet.

When zoomed-in khổng lồ their longest focal lengths, the 17-85mm và 18-55milimet lenses extend by 26 & 9mm respectively, while the 17-40mm adjusts its optics internally & doesn’t extend at all. The difference between the three lenses when zoomed-in can be seen below.

The two larger lenses are considerably heavier than the budget Model. They both weigh-in at 475g (1lb), compared to the almost imperceptible weight of the 18-55milimet at just 190g (6.7oz). The filter threads from left to right measure 67, 77 & 58milimet respectively.

In terms of build chất lượng the 17-85mm is definitely superior lớn the 18-55milimet, although not quite up khổng lồ the standard of the 17-40mm L; the latter is also the only one of the three to lớn boast dust & drip-proof construction, although this màn chơi of environmental sealing was not offered by any EF-S compatible body at the time of writing.

Both the 17-85mm & 17-40milimet feature USM motors for fast và quiet focusing. The 18-55milimet is louder and slower in comparison. The 17-85mm and 17-40milimet also employ internal focusing, making both lenses polariser-friendly. The 18-55mm lens employs a rotating front element, which makes the use of polarisers frustrating.

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A lens hood is optionally available for the EF-S 17-85mm lens. Canon only supplies lens hoods as standard with its L-series lenses. To see how the EF-S 17-85mm measures-up alongside the EF-S 17-55milimet, see our Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi lens group kiểm tra.

To compare actual coverage we shot the same scene with each lens within a few moments of each other; the lenses were mix khổng lồ their widest then longest focal lengths and the camera mounted on a tripod to ensure a consistent position.

At first glance the three lenses on kiểm tra appear to lớn deliver roughly identical wide-angle coverage, but look a little closer and there are differences. The EF-S 18-55milimet unsurprisingly delivers a slightly reduced field of view, but interestingly the EF-S 17-85milimet captures a slightly wider field than the 17-40mm despite having the same quoted wide focal length. The 17-40mm is the only one of the three which can also work on a full-frame body though, delivering considerably wider views & supporting possible future toàn thân upgrades.

Canon 17-85milimet lens at 17mm
Canon 17-40mm lens at 17mm
Canon 18-55milimet lens at 18mm

Canon EF-S 17-85mm coverage, telepholớn with Canon EOS 350D / XT

With each lens zoomed inkhổng lồ their longest focal lengths, the differences are unsurprisingly much greater. The budget 18-55milimet enjoys a noticeably longer reach than the 17-40milimet, but neither come cthua thảm to lớn the 17-85milimet when it’s fully zoomed-in. While the other two lenses are still essentially capturing wide shots of the scene in question, the 17-85mm is able khổng lồ fill the frame with much closer views. It may not make a great difference lớn distant wildlife or sports photography, but is useful for general travel and portrait compositions. See our Canon EF-S 17-55milimet nhận xét for more coverage comparisons.

Canon 17-85milimet lens at 85mm
Canon 17-40mm lens at 40mm

Canon EF-S 17-85milimet Image StabilisationThe Canon EF-S 17-85milimet features Image Stabilisation (IS) facilities which clayên ổn up to three stops of compensation – this allows you to lớn handhold much longer exposures than normal & is a boon whether you’re shooting under dyên ổn conditions or want to lớn cthua the aperture right down for very large depths-of-fields. For example, if the slowest exposure you could safely handhold at a certain focal length was, say, 1/60, three stops of compensation should allow you to lớn enjoy the same result at 1/8. This would allow you khổng lồ get the shot you wanted without having khổng lồ resort lớn higher sensitivities & increased noise as a result.

With IS switched on from the side of the lens, the system activates as you half-press the shutter release. As with other IS lenses, there’s a faint click after which the composition through the viewfinder appears to float gently. The system deactivates with another faint click around two seconds after removing your finger from the shutter release.

In practice the IS system proved very effective. Below are two examples taken moments apart with the lens fully zoomed-in khổng lồ 85milimet, và therefore operating at an effective sầu focal length of 136mm. With the aperture closed khổng lồ f32 at 100 ISO, the shutter speed was 1/4 of a second. We cropped an area from each image measuring 564×272 pixels, then reduced it to lớn 282×136 pixels for reproduction here; you’re therefore viewing the images here at 1/2.

The image without stabilisation, above left, is unsurprisingly shaky. With stabilisation enabled though, it was possible to lớn handhold the same composition & deliver a sharp result. To achieve the same result without stabilisation under the same conditions required a shutter speed of 1/30, confirming three stops of compensation. For more examples of IS in action, check out our Samples, where you’ll see it allowed us khổng lồ shot under very low light without incurring camera-shake. It’s an extremely valuable feature, although be warned, IS will drain your batteries faster than a lens without.

Outdoor Performance

To compare real-life performance we shot the same scene with each lens within a few moments of each other using a Canon EOS-350D / Rebel XT mix lớn its best quality JPEG settings. All lenses here were phối khổng lồ f8 using Aperture Priority mode. The crops are taken from the originals và presented here at 100%.The image left was taken with the Canon EOS-350D using the 17-85milimet EF-S at 33mm f8; the original JPEG measured 2.82MB. In terms of actual resolution, there’s little difference between the crops, although the 17-40L has recorded a wider range of tonal detail than the EF-S lenses.