Barcelona Vs Arsenal - Ngày 17/03/2016 - Champions League

Arsenal gave sầu it a good go. But Barcelomãng cầu had Neymar, Luis Suarez và Lionel Mesmê mẩn up front. The story, right there.

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Neymar celebrates with Lionel Mesmê mẩn and Luis Suarez after opening the scoring. Photograph: Catherine Ivill - AMA/Getty Images

A great opportunity for Sanchez khổng lồ score a consolation against his old club, but latching onkhổng lồ a Giroud backheel, squirts wide from near the penalty spot. And that’s that! The European champions make the quarter finals with ease. Though Arsenal played well tonight, & for a few minutes bachồng there, gave their hosts something khổng lồ think about. Ultimately, though, quality told. Just look at the goalscorers: Neymar, Suarez, Messay mê. Three delightful finishes. Can anyone stop this astonishing side becoming the first team lớn retain the European Cup since Milan?


Barcelona’s Luis Suarez & Neymar celebrate on their lap of honour. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

Whilst Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Gabriel Paulista and David Ospimãng cầu look dejected & shellshocked. Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

Neymar, khổng lồ the right of the D, tries khổng lồ feed the ball left for Suarez, who is miễn phí. His pass is blocked, but breaks lớn Messay mê, on his right shoulder. Mesham steps into lớn the area, draws Ospina, shapes lớn shoot into the bottom right with his right, then scoops delicately past the keeper into the left! A gorgeous finish. He’s done nothing all night, and then that.



87 min: A burst of pace by Walcott down the right, and he’s in the Barca box with the chance to shoot. It doesn’t over well.

85 min: Giroud is booked after poking his fingers into Sergi Roberto’s boat. Actually, he might have sầu got away with it had he not reacted to lớn the free-kichồng decision by throwing the ball down in the play-school style. He misses the next match. Arsenal’s problem next season? Maybe. Maybe someone else’s.

82 min: Neymar glides down the left and looks for Messay mê in the middle. Monreal heads out for a corner, from which Busquets heads wide right from six yards. That, inexplicably from an Arsenal point of view, was a không lấy phí header. It should have been Barcelona’s third.

80 min: Oh he fancies it all right! He sends a powerful curler towards the top left. It’s surely going in, but Ter Stegene gets a strong h& khổng lồ it. Giroud is first to the loose ball, & his shot from a tight angle on the left is stopped by another firm Ter Stegen arm. The ball loops lớn Walcott, who heads weakly goalwards. The ball’s deflected away from danger.

79 min: Monreal embarks on a fine direct run down the inside left. He nears the edge of the Barca box, and is brought down by Arda Turan, who is booked. A không tính tiền kiông chồng, 30 yards out. Sanchez looks lượt thích he fancies this.

77 min: Rakitic is replaced by Ardomain authority Turan. Walcott jigs into space down the right, but his low cross isn’t anywhere near Giroud in the middle.

76 min: But Arsenal aren’t finished yet. Monreal earns a corner with a powerful run down the left, và from the set piece Walcott is gifted a không tính phí shot from the edge of the area. He scuffs it, though.

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74 min: Sergio Roberlớn, lớn the left of the Arsenal D, curls high lớn Suarez, just inside the box on the right. Suarez lays back to lớn the rushing Rakitic, who aims for the top right from 25 yards, but gets it all wrong. It looks as though Barca are preparing to lớn rummage around in their box of buổi tiệc ngọt tricks.

73 min: Iniesta is replaced by Sergi Roberkhổng lồ. Meanwhile Welbeông xã và Iwobi are swapped for Walcott và Giroud.

71 min: Neymar kills a high ball dead while holding the rabomãng cầu position. Dear me. He whips low inlớn the area. Mesmê mệt has another whachồng, but nothing’s going his way so far.

70 min: Neymar dribbles inkhổng lồ the Arsenal box from the left and looks to have set up Mesham mê, on the penalty spot with the ball at his feet. But maybe it’s not the great man’s night. He can’t quite dig it out, và suddenly he’s swarmed by red shirts. Elneny batters clear.

67 min: By any rational analysis, this is over. But to lớn their credit, Arsenal still aren’t giving up. Iwobi feeds Welbeông chồng down the inside left, & a rising rasper grazes the crossbar và flies out for a goal kick!

Barcelona step it up a bit! And this is a spectacular one. Dani Alves makes good down the right, and stands one up into the middle. There appears to be no danger, because Suarez, cấp độ with the left-hand post and 12 yards out, seems to lớn be a little ahead of the ball. But he leaps, contorts his body, & whips an absurd volley into the top right, Ospina no chance! A suggestion (only a suggestion, mind) that it might have come off his shin, but even if that’s the case, it’s still a brilliant goal: he was forcing that ball inlớn the net by hook or by crook! Stunning improvisation!

63 min: Some intricate ping-ping passing by Arsenal down the right. Bellerin slips the ball inside for Iwobi, who flicks it down the channel to lớn release Sanchez inlớn a pocket of space. But there’s not much space, and though he tries khổng lồ get a shot away from a tight angle, a corner’s the best he can come up with. From the set piece, Welbechồng wins a header six yards out, và plants it wide right! But he was offside anyway. Barcelomãng cầu need to lớn step it up a bit, because Arsenal are threatening khổng lồ score a second goal, và then it’d be time for some serious questions.

61 min: Neymar, on the edge of the Arsenal D, cushions a header down for Messi khổng lồ his left. Mesmê man lashes a wild effort high inlớn the st&. Barcelomãng cầu & their fans are betraying a little frustration right now.

60 min: Wow. That was an outstanding chance for Welbeck. Barcelomãng cầu, sensing danger now, flood up the other end, Neymar very nearly working space in the box down the inside right for a shot. He’s crowded out for a corner, which leads to lớn nothing. This is exciting stuff all of a sudden.

58 min: A long hoof down the middle of the park. Mathieu sends a weak header bachồng towards his own goal. Welbeck pounces, & glides inside. He’s got a chance khổng lồ shoot from the edge of the box, seemingly one on one with Ter Stegene. But out of nowhere, Mascherano comes across khổng lồ block! The ball balloons off to lớn the left for a corner, but the set piece comes to nothing, and the chance khổng lồ really put the cát aước ao the pigeons is gone.

Arsenal’s Danny Welbeông xã shoots but it’s blocked by Javier Mascherano. Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters