The notification for the Bihar Police Constable 2023 cycle is also expected lớn be out soon for 67,000+ vacancies.

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The recruitment exam for the said post is conducted by the Central Selection Board of Constables (CSBC). The selection process includes Written examination (Preliminary và Mains), PET/ PST, Medical Examination, and Document verification. This is a great job opportunity for 12th pass candidates.

Let"s discuss the concepts related to lớn Algebra và Identities. Explore more from Quantitative Aptitude here. Learn now!



Q10. If (5x - 3)3+ (3x - 5)3+ (3x - 1)3= 45 (x -(frac 3 5)) (3x - 5) (x - (frac 1 3)), then what will be the value of ((frac 11 9)x + 5)3?
Q3. Zeroes of a cubic polynomial p(x) are 3, −6, và 7. The coefficient of 'x' in p(x) is:
Q4. Which of the following real number should be subtracted from the polynomial x4− 3x2+ 4x + 5, so that it is exactly divisible by x2− x + 1?
Q5. Find the value of 'k' if (x + 3) is a factor of the polynomial f(x) = kx2+(sqrt3)x − 1.
Q6. If α, β, γ are the zeroes of the polynomial 3x3+ 4x2− 6x + 7, then αβγ is:


Q1. A train having a certain length of x m covers the two different platforms having lengths of 140 m and 180 m in 18 sec and 20 sec, respectively. Find speed of train (in kmph).

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Q2. If the height of the triangle is 24 cm, and the area of the triangle is 168 sq. Cm. The perimeter of the rectangle is 84 cm. If it were given that the base of a triangle is equal to the breadth of a rectangle. Find length of rectangle.
Q3. If the numerator of a certain fraction is increased by 80%, while the denominator is increasedby 200%, then the ratio of the numerator và denominator becomes 21:50, what will be the actual fraction?
Q4. What will come in the place of the question mark ‘?’ in the following question??% of 550 × (3/5) + √625 = 28.57% of 630 + 10
Q5. Monthly income of a person was Rs. 36,000. If he spent 25% on food, 12 % on his children's education & saves x% in bank account. After the calculation, he found that he was left with Rs. 2160. Find the sum of amount which he saves in his bank.
Q6. What will come in the place of the question mark ‘?’ in the following question?33 × √25 -30% of 200 =25% of √1296+ ? × 12
Q7. A sum of money gives an interest of 1 tháng 5 of itself in T years, when it is given in the rate of 10%, Find amount after (T+3) years.
Q8. There are 3 friends named Sahil, Tanya, & Deepak. It was found that the average age of Sahil and Tanya is 22 years. While the ratio of Sahil và Deepak's ages is 5:7, và the sum of all the friends together is 72 years. What will be the present age of Tanya?
Q9. If the ratio of Income of 2 companies is 7 : 5, while it was found that the ratio of expenditure is 5:3, If both the companies saves Rs.10,000 in each month. Find sum of monthly income of both the companies?
Q10. A certain work was completed by A in 9 days, B in 12 days, C in 15 days, If A and C did work for 4 days và then leftt, then B will finishes rest work in how many days?